Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peace and Joy

It is time for me to get ready for my stamping group.  I have been trying to use some of the supplies that I have in my room.  I get things and then don't use everything.  Here is one of the cards we will be making at our next gathering.

I couldn't decide if I like this card so I sat it on the Mantel to see how it would look from a distance.  It looked really nice with the light hitting it from a different angle.  This card was made using the shimmer white paper, pink pirquette and beau chateau designer paper.  The Ornament is a punch using the glimmer paper.  Before I cut out the ornament I punched out a 1" circle.  I then used the ornament punch and made sure the circle was in the middle of the ornament punch.  Stampin Up has a product called a shaker frame.  I used the third one from the center which fit perfect on the back of the ornament punch.  The frames give you a pocket to put beads or crystals.  I used the 1" circle piece that was punch out when I cut the first circle and put it on top of the shaker frame as the back of the circle.  Before removing putting the ornament on the card I filled with a few loose beads I had that I got at a craft store.  The Peace and Joy was part of a Stampin up decorative strip that I bought from the clearance rack.      

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